Framed Child Musicians

Framed Horse Race and Building

Framed Outside French Parliament

Framed Courting

Framed Tree with border

Framed Ships at Sea

Framed Village and Animals

Baby Photos in Frame

Framed Red Riding Hood

Black Framed Yarn or Stone Wall Art

Pure White Art Smock

Green splattered Art Smock

Another White Art Smock

Red splattered Art Smock

Off-white 2pocket Art Smock

Metal Sculpture Doorstop



Metal Vases

Nana's Trays

Vintage Cocktail Shaker

Champagne Bucket / Candelabra

Silver Bowls

More Trays


Vintage Kitchenware


Large Antique Easel

Artist Dropcloth

Three White Frames

Fancy Mirrored Dish

Floral and Wood Tray

Charcoal Grey Cup

Paint Jar

White Dotted Vase

(4) cylindrical vases

handheld vase


three (3) white candlesticks

well traveled planter