Framed Child Musicians $60

Framed Horse Race and Building $60

Framed Outside French Parliament $60

Framed Courting $60

Framed Tree with border $60

Framed Ships at Sea $60

Framed Village and Animals $60

Baby Photos in Frame $60

Framed Red Riding Hood $60

Black Framed Yarn or Stone Wall Art $60/ea

Pure White Art Smock $20

Green splattered Art Smock $20

Another White Art Smock $20

Red splattered Art Smock $20

Off-white 2pocket Art Smock $20

Metal Sculpture Doorstop $24

Candlesticks $18/ea

Caraffes $60/ea

Metal Vases $24/ea

Nana's Trays $36/ea

Vintage Cocktail Shaker $75

Champagne Bucket / Candelabra $60/ea

Silver Bowls $30/ea

More Trays $36/ea

Seltzer $24/ea

Vintage Kitchenware $24/ea

Easels $80/ea

Large Antique Easel $100

Artist Dropcloth $30

Three White Frames $15/ea

Fancy Mirrored Dish $10

Floral and Wood Tray $15

Charcoal Grey Cup $5

Paint Jar $5

White Dotted Vase $5

(4) cylindrical vases $5 

handheld vase $5

Atomizer $10

three (3) white candlesticks $10

well traveled planter $10