assorted yard props

Low Rolling Yard Table $60

Skylight $600

Barbed Wire $175


Large wide broom $20

Exposed Mattress Springs $80

Large Bent Metal Grid $100

Small Bucket o’ Nails $20

Small Oil Can $10

Metal Bucket and Pipe $5

Small Rusted Crushed Bucket $5

Yellow orange cement can $30

Wheeling OIL Can $30

ALL STATE motor Oil Can $30

Small Rusted Cans

Siren Hood

Milk Jug $50

Sunnyland washboard $25

Rusted Garden Bucket

Rusted Wheel $5

Rusted Spiral Scrap $5

Short black hose $5

Assorted Tires $30/ea

tires $30-$60

Rusted car door $50

Hubcaps (5) $15ea

Black rims (2) $45ea

Metal Garbage Cans $25

Mini Metal Garbage Can $25

Yellow Radiator $75

Chain Link Fencing $75

Distressed Metal Pieces (More Available) $10/ea

steel pipes $10/ea

Yellow Scaffolding $65

Rusted Metal Barrels $50/ea

Blue scrunched Barrel $80

Green Scrunched Barrel $80

Saw Horses; 2 large, 2 small $10-$15/ea

Wooden Pallets $40/ea

quarter pallets $10/ea

Pretty Thick Rope $70

Large Wooden Spools- small $55/large $100

Round Table Top60

Large Grey Distressed Stoop $350

Grey Stoop Stairs with Railings $225

Scrap Wood $20

Wood connected with Straps

Wooden Cross-Post w/Metal Reinforcements $80

Long Wood Post or Step $10

tree branches $7/ea

Tree Stumps (2) $50/ea

Faux Brick Wall Portions $30-$90/ea

The 1896 Bricks

Cinder Blocks $10/ea