Assorted Custom-made Stairs

Large Distressed Grey 'Stoop'

Grey 'Stoop' Stairs with Railings

Custom-Made "House Staircase" 

Faux White Marble Grand Spiral Staircase

Black 6-Step Wood Stairs

Black High 6-Step Stairs

nick's custom made stoop

Twin Black Wood Three-Steps (2)

Paint-it 4-Step

Large Mirrored Two Step  (note: a few cracks)

Mirrored Small Three-step (note: some cracks and chips)

White and Brown Wood Two-Step

Small 2-step

Wooden Otis Step Stool

collapsable risr

Twin Large Wood "LIbrary Ladders" (2)

7-Step Wooden Ladder

Dark Brown 3-Step Ladder (paint splattered)

Light brown 4-step wood ladder (paint-splattered)

Dark Brown 4-step wood ladder (paint-splattered)

Dark Wood Ladder

RSS Swedish A-Frame 56”H  $240

Strong 3' Ladder

Wood 'Bowed 5-step' Orchard Ladder

Brown Square 5-step Orchard Ladder

Very Broken Ladder

Splinter Wood Ladder

Bunkbed Ladder

Pretty Ladder

Matte black 4' ladder


Grey Wood 4-Step ladder

Grey Wood 4-Step ladder

black 5-Step ladder

Green Metal Fire-escape ladder (~5' tall)

Green 5-step Wood Ladder

Blue Metal  6' ladder

Leaning extension ladder

metal 5-step ladder

Silver/Metal Three-Step Stairs on wheels

No-Fold beauty ladder

Off-White Metal 4-step ladder on wheels

White Paint Splattered 2-Step

White Metal Pain Splattered 4' Ladder

Vintage 2-Step Yellow Metal Step-ladder

Red Metal two-step ladder

Red 4' Ladder $45

CN Lightweight 2-Step Ladder

CN red 3-step ladder

Green top 4' Metal Ladder

Silver metal 2-step ladder

Silver 10' Metal Ladder

12-Step Orange Metal Ladder