Chandelier Assortment $45/ea

White Painted Chandelier $45

Twin 3-stick Candelabras $35

medium disco ball $30

Old Fashioned Theater Light $55

large spotlights $25/ea

Small Spotlight with Wire $30

Vintage Spotlight $85

Grey Standing Arch Lamp w/Shade $75

Standing swing arm lamp $75

Jointed Swing Arm Brass Lamp $75

Starburst Pattern Standing Lamp $50

Tall skinny lamp

Multi Orb Lamp $40

Silver Orb Lamp $40


Victorian desk lamp $90

Dual bulb ornate brass lamp (2) $70EA

Southeast asian statue lamp $70

Ceramic and Fabric Lampshades $15/ea

Lampshades $15/ea

Striped Bulbous lamp $50

Fraternal Twin Lamps $40/EA

Twin Victorian Lamps $50

Black "Trophy" Lamp $65

Twin Metal vase lamps $50/ea

Ceramic vase lamp $50

Candlestick Lamp $60

Brushed metal candlestick lamp $40

Twin Living Room Lamps (2) $50/ea

Glass Lamp $90

Brushed Metal Lamp w/White Shade $55

Dark Lamp with Shade $55

Vintage Brass Lamp with Shade $55

Lamp with Red Shade $40

Dual Bulb Ornate tulip Lamp $90

Wide Bronze table Lamp $60

(3) Exterior Sconce Lights $25/ea

(9) lanterns $10