Aluminum Deck Chairs (3) $40/ea

Black Vinyl Vanity Chairs (4) $75/ea

Trio Wood Shape Seat Cast Iron Stools $70/ea

Yellow Waiting Room Chairs (3) $30/ea

Blue 'Paint-splattered' Upholstered Armless Chair $30

Art Deco Distressed Grey and green Chair $70

Designer Metal Grid Chairs $60/ea

White Iron Heart Parlor Chair $30

Blue Short White Parlor Chair $35

Child's Chair $30

Short brown plastic and metal 'school chair' $20

Industrial Metal Chair $60

RSS Distressed Metal Chair $60

Black Grid Chair with White Seat $60

Black Grid Chair $55

RSS Distressed Patio Chair $130

Black Metal Ligne Roset $175

RSS Distressed Toledo chair $75

Plexi Bar Seat $60

adjustable height stools with backs $60/ea

Fletcher from the streets Stool with back $90

West Elm High Metal Chairs (scratched seats) $60/ea

Musician’s Folding Chairs (3) $25/ea

Diner Stools (2) $50/ea

Adjustable Toledo $150

Antique French Adjustable $150

wood top adjustable height $125

White Metal Stool 28" $75

Cast Iron Stool with Sparkle Seat $75

Vintage Black Steel $75

RSS (1) Chrome Stool $80

RSS 24” white stool $60

RSS Adjustable height industrial stool $100

Squat Metal Curved-Leg Stool $40

Painter's Industrial Stool Straight Legs $30

Industrial stool with straight legs $35

Metal Paint-Splattered Tall Stool $50

RSS Old Painter Stool $50

RSS REddish Seat Stool $75

Black Beauty Stool $65

24" High "jeremy" metal stool $60

Metal Stool with Brown Leather Upholstered Seat $25

1896 work stool $40

Square Metal Work Stool $48

World Traveler Stool $55

Metal Square 'paint-splattered' artist stool $30

Black Industrial stool $40

Short metal and rubber step-stool $30

Short Orange Metal Mechanic's Stool $25

Yellow Formica and Metal Stool $25

Off-white Metal Rolling Stairs $65

Silver and Black 3-step rolling ladder $40

Painter's white two-step stool $30

Silver and Black 2-step Kitchen Chair $40

Vintage Short Yellow Metal 3-Step Ladder $40

Short Red Metal 3-step Ladder $25

Short Metal Square Seat Artist Stool $40

Issa Short Stool $60

Black Musicians Seat $30

Metal Bed Frame $125

antique metal daybed with patina $300