ssorted Trunks $60-$80

Large crate on wheels $250

Light tan Suitcase set with interior Satin details (2) $75/ea

Black Rectangular Trunk with Muted Black Metal Details $70

Black Rectangular Truck with muted black metal details, and turquoise fabric - (inside) $70

Apple Boxes $24/ea

Flat Green Trunk $75

Black Suitcase $30

Pale Yellow Suitcase $65

Luggage Set (Garment Hanger Suitcase pictured with Small Suitcase with Toiletry Pouch) $75/ea

Garment Hanger Suitcase $75

Small Suitcase with Toiletry Pouch $75

Distressed Trunk with Paint $60

Distressed Wooden Suitcase $60

Green Box with Dual Latches $60

Folding Luggage Stand $45

Green Folding Luggage Stand $45

Silver Bread Box $50

Striped Carrying Case $50

Black Big Top Case $60

Slide Viewer and Carousels $60

Assorted Cases $15/ea

Aquamarine Nesting Boxes (2) $10/ea

Two-Section Wood Toolbox $40

Long Skinny Wood Toolbox $40

Wooden Carrier with Handle $40

Grey Case with Handle $65

Green Metal Bin $70